Friday, November 6, 2009

Morning Brainstorm

I've been a little dry on what to post lately on my blog mainly because my brain is so filled up with critical life stuff, there just doesn't seem room left for fun fluff. So today, in order to jumpstart my creativity, I'm going to ramble. Just go with it.

I really need to get my Halloween decorations down before The Marshmallow starts teasing me like he does every single year because I'm slow to "un-decorate". Do men not realize that Snowmen are not necessarily "Christmas" decorations but "Winter" decorations. I do take down all the wreaths, Santa's, and other Christmas paraphernalia but Snowmen definitely are winter creatures and how they got all wrapped up in the story of Christmas is beyond me.

Some lady from the school keeps calling me to sign up for a time to help out with the Book Fair next week. I'm avoiding her. I know I'm the one who signed up but that was because I was trying to be an involved mother. Little did I know that all the things I signed up for came at the exact same time - NOW. Look lady, I wish I could help...I do! But I just don't think it's going to happen. There. I said it.

I've been researching a certain ancestor for years people. For years. He's like some missing-in-action person. No one knows what happened to him...and those people are still living! What's up with that? Hmmm. Anyway, I was doing a random internet search the other day on cemeteries in the area where he lived and ta da! there was a guy with the exact same name and death year in this cemetery. Better still, there's a guy who volunteers his time for that particular website who offered to go to the cemetery and take a photo of the gravestone. He also said that he'd go to the office and see if he could rustle up some more information on my dude! Is that amazing or what? There are some really nice people in the world! My always skeptical Marshmallow said that he would probably get our information and come kill us. *sigh* What am I going to do with him? Weirdo.

What else.............

I have Young Women in Excellence this weekend. I'm sort of freaking out. Which is exactly why I'm blogging instead of doing it. I'm like an ostrich. And the internet is my hole. See my head? I'll be here all day :) JK.

And so...I have a freakin' million and ten things to do right this very minute. In ten minutes FLAT, this cute baby of mine hits her crib and I have 2 hours to get my huge list of things done.

By the way, I have a little dilemma and was hoping my dwindling audience could help me out. I have family pictures next Thursday and I have about zero clothes. No, that's a lie. But I've narrowed my outfit down to three different pairs of jeans. I like them all in a way but I have no idea which ones make me look best. If I post pictures of myself in all of them, will you all please let me know which pair I should wear? The Marshmallow is completely useless on this front and I don't think I'm going to be seeing Renee before them so it's up to my internet following. Pretty please?

Time's up...I gotta run.

p.s. if you guys want to see some heinous before and after pictures of my weight loss journey, go to my "quest" blog. It's good for a few giggles.

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Rachel said...

Oh, you make me smile. Sorry to hear about the volunteer coordinator at the school. I feel like her with PTA, begging for people to help. They asked me to help with the book fair after I had spent the entire week in the office finishing the fundraiser, I almost blew up! Those ladies get paid to be there... I think they forget that we DON'T.
Post the pics, I'd love to tell you which ones make your butt look good :)