Friday, November 13, 2009

I've Been Picked Up By The Loony Bus

and I got on voluntarily! If you have young children, you know what I mean. When they're sick, that is. I guess it's worse when you're sick too - monumentally worse. I'm counting my blessings because so far I've averted all far.

My Tinker is sick. She's only 9 months old and has no concept of what's happening to her. And she's miserable. Misery loves company...that's why I've gone bonkers. She climbs me all day long, whining and pinching my face. If it didn't make me want to willingly slip into a strait jacket, I'd appreciate the fact that for this small moment, she's not trying to get away from me and would rather perch in my arms for all hours of the day. Haha, I've given you a false picture. She's not happy to be perch - that's just where she'd rather commence my ear, in my arms...anywhere on me.

O-well. I'm a mom, right? I asked for this, you say. True. I did. Conveniently I forgot that there were days like this. That's what you get when you put 4 1/2 years between your children. You've left your frame of reference somewhere in the bags of stored baby clothes, and baby toys.

Thankfully she's feeling better each day. She was in the ER on Wednesday morning because she couldn't breathe. They nearly admitted her but she had a good turn-about fortunately. Thank you for the well wishes. If that was you that flipped me off as I drove 70 down the median on Beck Street Wednesday morning, sorry...I had more important things on my mind than waiting my turn.

5 backward glances:

Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry she's been so sick. It is SO draining on the mom. I'm very glad she's doing better...hopefully you can escape for a sanity saver here pretty soon. luvya!

Katie said...

so not fun! Hope she gets better fast poor girl!

Amy said...

Thank you both! Evidently she was angelic for The Marshmallow while i went to work today. Of COURSE she was! I hope the winter is good to the both of you and your brand new babies.

Rachel said...

I've had a sick little one too... It's so sad when they are miserable. Charley is on the mend and I can put the house back together again. It is so sad to see the look in their eyes when they are miserable but don't understand why.

Amy said...

Rachel - it's the worst isn't it? I didn't realize Charley was sick too. I'm glad she's feeling better. Funny house comment - mine is TRASHED! Didn't help one bit that I worked all day today and left Daddy Daycare in charge - bad move if I want things tidy.