Friday, November 20, 2009

Being Careful Worked

I was nearer the top of my 2 lb. breathing room yesterday and that's why I was "being careful" like I said yesterday. It's why I opted out of a real breakfast. And it worked. I was down 3/4 of a lb. this morning and I haven't exercised since Sunday because I'm on the brink of a really bad chest cold. Chest colds and me just don't mix because my lungs are wimpy and give me trouble at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, so I can move on to a little more liberal eating today. Yay! I could easily slip into my bad habits if I'm not careful and as evidence of that, this is what I've eaten today: 2 bites of cake, 4 candy corns. It's noon. Not a good sign.

I put some chicken out on the counter to thaw out and I'll have a chicken salad later to compensate for my sugar fix this morning. That'll solve it.

I'm headed to the bead store when Tink wakes up. I've decided to start putting those cute funky, chunky watchbands on my Etsy site. They sell like hotcakes and are so cute! I'll make a few and see how they do. Plus, I love to make them.

In other news, just to ground me and help me remember my true calling is that of "Mother", I've wiped up bodily fluids from every single member of this family today (ok excluding the Marshmallow but that's because he left early) and that includes the freaking cat. If I had only known 20 years ago that I'd be living such a glamorous life at 35, I'd not have stalled having children for so long, lol!

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