Sunday, November 15, 2009

Making Money Online vs. "The Old Fashioned Way"

So it's probably becoming increasingly evident to you that I am looking to replace my "out of home" job with other opportunities. Up until Tinkerpot was born, I was never really obligated to find outside income. Times are a'changing though. More and more we are needing the extra income to provide basic necessities. And while I'm grateful that I have flexible and excellent earning potential, I hate being away from home and my kids. Bugs needs her mom more and more and I know that the fact that I am not here when she gets home from school 2 days a week is upsetting to her. I remember what that was like. Difficult times call for difficult measures but these are my kids and I want more for them. So I'm doing what I can to hopefully change our situation as much as I can.

I've created my Etsy shop which is going as well as can be expected for it being brand new. I love being creative and making the custom photo greeting cards. It's a good outlet for me when I can get the time to just sit down and be imaginative.
I'm also selling hCG - online and wherever. hCG is that really popular weight loss aid that everyone is talking about. I used it and lost a ton, eventually found a screamin' deal on it and thought it would be a good way to make extra money and help other people lose weight too. I opened my store online about a week ago and so far have had very good success with it. It's slower than I hoped but I'm getting a few sales.
The problem with all of this is that in my efforts to spend more time engaged at home, I'm actually spending more time here at home, out in the blogosphere or social media outlets trying to drum up business. I'm home and that's great. But I'm not really here. I suppose it's temporary until my businesses take off but until then I feel spread so thin.

I think I would benefit from setting some goals for myself, setting realistic expectations and having a plan for where I hope my business(s) will be this time next year.

I hope that by the time Tinkerpot is in school, I will have the liberty to be here at home waiting for both my girls all day long. I'd be glad to work - but I want to do it on my terms.

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I'm so feeling this way. We need to talk!