Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Boredom Busters

Today I had a lot of stuff to do in my kitchen to get a bunch of apples I picked put up. True to form, my kids were at each others' throats and driving me crazy. The fact of the matter is they're just bored...bored of me, our house, each's rough right?

So in a moment of desperation I started dictating various lists to my daughters to go "find". Important stuff I need like "something rough".  Thought I'd throw them up here in case anyone else is ever desperate for a Scavenger Hunt list. I made two for the inside, and one for outside. They're not super clever - just filling the immediate need. Feel free to improvise or improve as needed!

I told them everything they found had to fit in the container provided...

Inside Scavenger Hunt #1
Something round and squishy
Something sparkly
Something you use everyday
Something warm
Something special
Something purple
Something small and squiare
Something gross
Something a baby would use
Something boring 

Inside Scavenger Hunt #2
Something the size of an apple
Something furry
Something white
Something sparkly
The tiniest blue thing you can find
Something rough
Something pointy
Something long and skinny
Something orange
Something round
Something square

Outside Scavenger Hunt
one white pebble
one red leaf
two yellow leaves
one lady bug
five sticks the size of a pencil
four round stones
three pieces of trash
two pointy leaves
a dandelion
something yellow
something black
something the size of an apple
something soft

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