Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cats Love Marshmallows

It's been 6 weeks and Mickey (the cat - remember, the one I'm allergic to) has finally decided that our bed is the best place in the house to sleep. Keep in mind that our bed is one of 4 beds in the house. But evidently it's the coziest.

And, not only does he sleep there the entire night, it is snuggled right up tight next to The Marshmallow (the official change of name for DH, because no doubt, he deserves it), who doesn't seem to mind one little bit. The Marshmallow has even been heard to admit in soft tones that he sort of likes "the little feller". So sweet.

Evidently Mickey doesn't mind The Marshmallow's strident snoring.

1 backward glances:

Melissa said...

The dogs we had growing up all seemed to like my dad the most.