Monday, January 30, 2012

God Must Love Girl Scout Cookies

Two weeks have flown by during which time Bugs and I have been devoted to selling Girl Scout cookies in her efforts to reach a certain goal. They sell themselves but it's still a ton of work! 

We had two order forms nearly completely filled out, the second one filled out by spending hours this past Saturday driving all over town as Bugs went door to door. She was insanely brave for a 7 year old asking complete strangers to buy cookies. I was so proud of her because that's some serious scary stuff!  She always took the rejection with a smile and I would want to punch the person in the nose. Just kidding - ok, maybe one or two times.  Easy Mother Hen!

Yesterday sales officially ended and the order forms were due back to the Troop.  Problem was, I hadn't seen that 2nd form since we got home on Saturday and it had been nagging at me for a couple of days.  So when it was time to drive them over and drop them off, I couldn't find it anywhere. Anywhere. 

Have you ever let your child down? Bigtime like this?  I was not equipped to come clean with her innocent little brave face that I had screwed up so royally and lost all of her hard work.  I was SURE I was the one who had lost it, thinking it very likely that I accidentally threw it away and the garbage truck came this morning.  I was totally freaking out looking everywhere I could think of. I finally stopped and tried meditating through my steps on Saturday which only made me freak out worse.  So I said a quickie prayer and immediately afterward, I was sure I said to myself, "Find her lunchbox and it'll be right with it." Bugs had her lunchbox in the car with us so she could eat her lunch while we were out selling.  But I really did think it was my own voice - it was a good idea but it was MY idea, right?

A few minutes later, I was in her room and I looked under her bed, I think subconsciously looking for her lunchbox.  There was the lunchbox...and right next to it was the order form.

It wasn't until later did I remember that simple sentence in my head, "Find her lunchbox and it'll be right with it."  What I imagined at the time to be my own good idea is not so easily passed off as luck.  I've never had a prayer answered so clearly.  But there's no other explanation.  I am humbled.

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Aislinn said...

oh what a wonderfully sweet blessing! I'm so glad that you shared this... one day BUGS will read your journal and realize that Heavenly Father loves Girl Scouts too!