Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Now That's What I'm Talking About!

It is so great that we no longer have a little "lump in the carseat" but rather an active participating member of our family. Tinker is just another one of the kids now and it's awesome. It made for some terrific fun this weekend.

We had a great time this weekend...a few minor hiccups...but all in all, it was everything a 4th of July should be.

Saturday, we packed up the truck and went camping.  We pitched a tent and slept under the stars. Well, The Marshmallow and Tinker slept in a cabin but Bugs and I slept on the cold ground in sleeping bags. We played games [on my iPad] and ate trailmix until we tipped over.

We came home early the next day with The Marshmallow's sister's family and we packed (again) and got lazy at Liberty Park while the kids played in the Seven Canyons exhibit. It was HOT, but we found shade and ate hot dogs and drank energy drinks.

We got home just in time to throw together a full fledged bbq for a bunch of our nephews and their girlfriends and our houseguests (The Marshmallow's sister and her fam).  True to youth, the nephews rushed off to a club shortly after eating leaving us the mess and an empty Sunday evening which we put to good use...with our heads on our pillows. We were pooped.

Monday morning brought our houseguests wanting to have more fun...this time the plan was Lagoon.  Lagoon hasn't been on our radar since the last time we went, Bugs was terrified of even the Carousel.  But she's been itching to go try the roller coasters after experiencing the milder forms at Disneyland last year.  So we went.
That's when my bro-in-law talked me into the freefall swing.  What the...  2 times might I add. The first time found me in a fetal position, screaming my head off with my hands over my eyes...the entire time.  The 2nd time however I enjoyed it much more.  The first plummet is quite terrifying and you can literally feel your guts floating as they suspend against gravity.  24 plus hours later folks, I am still nauseated...really.  You can see the vid on my FB page but here's some entertaining pictures. 
click on these pics for closer up fun :)

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Tiffany said...

What a fun, yet crazy weekend! I cannot believe how grown up your youngest is...that scares me a little how fast that went by!

I think after Sunday, I would have slept for 3 days. Not you...you get up and then do LAGOON the next day...you're one of those FUN aunts :)