Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Don't Just Pin To Pinterest - We Create Pinterest Stuff!

Don't you love all the little Pinterest pins alluding to the loser lives we have and all we do is pin and wish on Pinterest instead of DO stuff?

I actually am quite inspired by Pinterest. I love logging on there and immediately feeling inspired to create something cute that I pinned there. I've made so many fun things lately but today was the best. A little reminder popped up on my phone today telling me that it was time to decorate for Easter (ya, I give myself these reminders, lol) and I thought - hey! I've got some cute Pinterest stuff for Easter!  So my girls and I gathered the supplies (i.e. we talked about the Repentance process as we drove to the craft store on Sunday) and began working on several projects that I've pinned to Pinterest.  My results are never quite like the pics on Pinterest - who is ever that awesome (not me), but we got some super fantastic results, loads of candy left over, a huge mess on the kitchen table, and great kid/mom time.

Here are my girls and I being creative instead of just gawking at Pinterest stuff, which by the way is one of Bugs and my favorite things to do as we're putting off bedtime together.  Her fav thing to look at is desserts in bright colors. We tried a few and mostly gagged (chocolate dipped peeps, cream cheese frosting stuffed strawberry-cake cookies - oh my gosh, that was the sickest thing ever) but they're pretty anyway.

This is another thing we tried from Pinterest. It's curls for a little girl. I dampened her hair a bit then corkscrewed it for the day. Then let it out and look - it's beautiful!  I wish my hair would do this but it's a bit short for this look. I am CONSTANTLY jealous of this little girls' hair. It's the perfect color, texture and length. I guess mine would look like hers if I wasn't consistently damaging it. 
 Look how happy she is!

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