Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No More Meal Stress

Scenario:  Yesterday (could be any day in my life though)

It's 5pm. I just walked in the door. I'm exhausted...the kids are spider-hugging my legs...I'm lugging what feels like 2 week's worth of vacation-luggage which is in fact all the crap I take to work every day...I need to pee...The Marshmallow will be home any minute hungry...all I want to do is climb in my bed and pretend I am single and child-less.

In actuality, what used to be one of my day's worst challenges is set in front of me. What do I make for dinner?  Do you remember this post? About e-meals?  It's been about 6 weeks since I found this wonderful website and am still TOTALLY RAVING about it because it has literally changed so many things in my life.  Like I feel like a good wife and mother, am feeding my family healthy foods, I'm in control of a big huge stressor every day and we eat together every night because there's actually something on the table to eat!  Since I've been using e-meals, I've found that there are several similar services out there. I don't know about them because I've never used 'em but what I do know is that e-meals is now tried and true for me/us and one of my favorite things things in the world.

I got home a few minutes early today which really just meant 4:30. Still not much time to figure out what to make, defrost the meat, wrastle up whatever it is I'm going to make for the main meal and that's not even talking about sides!  Unfortunately for me, The Marshmallow is NOT a one-dish meal kinda guy.  Too bad because I really really love casseroles. They are the ultimate in comfort food for me but The Marshmallow is a total "course" guy. Like as in first, second, third or the meal at least has to have several components.  Blah blah ya, suck fest for me at 5pm on my typical day. Too Bad Marshmallow. Eat yer freakin' Tuna Surprise and be happy you got sumpin' right?  Well, I'm a wife who aims to please. Who knows what'll get me right?  heh heh.

Anyway, tonight it's 4:59 and instead of standing helpless in my kitchen, I am blogging.  It's because not only do I know what's for dinner, it is practically all ready.  There is about 5 minutes work left to be done when The Marshmallow walks in the door and I can look like June Cleaver in my Bear Claw boots sans dress, hair, figure and attitude. 

Here's what's the main course tonight: Pasta Carbonara

Served along side this yummy bacony, garlicy, pasta-y yumminess will be fresh, steamed green beans and garlic cheese bread. Yesterday after a hellacious day we had Cajun Talapia, parmesan-roasted broccoli and pasta salad.

And all I did was print, shop for 1/2 hour and throw a little something together.  This working mom and her family are eating like I don't work 30 hrs a week outside the home. And that's something to shout about!

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Aislinn said...

AWESOME!! (I totally laughed about the "tuna surprise" b/c I saw a lady at the store yesterday w/ a printed recipe that said "Tuna Noodle Surprise"! BWAHAHAHAA)