Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spring...in June

I've lived in my home for 6 years and this is the first year I've seen a peony from this peony bush. This fall, I'm moving it because the flowers on this bush are pink and seeing this beautiful bud makes me sad for all the years I've missed it. I'm going to put it somewhere where it will bloom every year.  I got a lonely bud on this bush...

Last year, a friend gave me a huge sack of Irises she was thinning out. I had no idea what was in there. It was just a bunch of rhisomes.  I planted them just to see what would come up, not actually expecting anything this year.  It was well past the time most Irises bloom so I didn't have much hope but then, I was thrilled to see these beautiful and unique blooms (so different from the purple blossoms so many others have)... I'm so in love with them. Aren't they beautiful?
Last but not least, the roses.  What happened to my poor roses this year?  I had to cut off so much dead wood this Spring I thought surely they were gone for good.  And nearly 6 weeks later than usual, my roses are about to bloom.  And I suspect they are going to be gorgeous with as many buds as there are on each of my bushes. I always say a good hacking is what roses need but this was ridiculous!

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