Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And Now I Know

not to eat walnuts because evidently they crack your teeth. Seriously - it was a WALNUT. A little tiny piece, no less. And it cracked my tooth right down to below the gum line. My dentist told me that the only thing that was keeping the tooth together in one piece, and incidentally, in my mouth at all, was my poor gum, which was seriously so sore I couldn't even eat a scrambled egg.

And now, post crown prep, I literally canceled all my appointments and came home to sit because although I am still entirely numb, my head aches so bad I want to pop it like a zit. Not to mention I'm dizzy and disoriented.

Thank goodness my dentist had an opening today. It's funny how one little tiny piece of bone can seize up the entire engine of a person's day...just like that. Shows you who's in control anyway.

If I go buy some shoes, I'll feel better.

3 backward glances:

Aislinn said...

Ouch!! Thank goodness for Dentists that can help that pain go away and fix it!! I'm sorry you have to endure that, but like you said - an Angel, sitting right there - on your shoulder! THANK GOODNESS!

Heidi Sue said...

That is the worst. I did the same thing but with a snickers shake. I bit down on a piece of frozen snickers, and poof my tooth broke. My teeth are horrible, they are always breaking. Hope that you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

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