Friday, December 10, 2010

Overprotective or Overly Nice?

Today is a rainy day. Like rainy umbrella weather. It was time for school to let out so I got in my car and went and picked up Bugs.


I know a lot of moms of chillins that go to Bugs's school. And I didn't see a single mom that I know there picking up their child from school. In fact, all those kids were walking home, hoods up (or not), like there was no rain at all - completely oblivious to the arbitrary weather.

When Bugs got into the car (I was a minute or two late), she said, "I was about to go to the office and call you!" said very indignantly as if I had done something wrong - not done something extremely kind by bothering to pick her up so she didn't have to walk home in the rain (we live 2 blocks from school).

I learned a good lesson today. Children do not melt. Children that walk home in the rain might be more appreciative when you do something nice for them. I am not a bad parent if I don't pick up my child when it's raining out.

I'm grateful for friends who teach me lessons even when they're not even around.

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Mom said...

Congratulations for a new insight into effective mothering. Maybe it's time for a little tough love.