Friday, December 4, 2009

My Weirdest iPhone App

Last night I was browsing through iPhone apps - a frequent "zoning" activity for me. iPhone apps are exactly what my compartmentalization personality needs. Everything has its app - in a little box within easy reach. Like a little file cabinet in my pocket - an app for every possible thing you might need.

And last night I found the mother app of all apps. No, not really but I was quite taken. And even as I downloaded that little bit of bytes, I was really wondering why the heck I was doing it! Let me explain:

This totally awesome little app categorizes your wardrobe. Yes, I said it categorizes your wardrobe! You've got actual pictures of every single piece of your clothing and allows you to pick your outfits on the fly by touching a shirt, with a skirt, with some shoes etc. etc. How unfreaking believable is that? I mean, if that's not the epitome of anal retentive, then I don't know WHAT is! And I bought the bloody thing!

And as I was buying it, I was thinking, "Now I need to find time to lay out each piece of my clothing and take a picture of it, import it into my computer and load it into this app! Where am I going to get time like that?" That was the right side of my brain. The more logical side of my brain, might I add. The left side of my brain...the "I want, yeeeeees, me want!" side was just like - "what they hay! I'll find time somewhere because this is SUPER AWESOME!"

Trust me. I'm never going to find time to do this incredibly enormous task. Not like I have a huge ton of clothes - it's just that photographing each piece is tedious and extraneous. And for what? Really, for what?

And to be perfectly honest (and I've actually considered blogging about this before) I actually have incredibly boring taste in clothes. I own probably 3 articles that actually have a print on them. The rest are white, brown, black SOLID pieces. I own jeans, khaki's, black slacks and a pair of green cords. I own two khaki skirts, one black skirt - oh, and one skirt with a print on it. Several long sleeved tees of solid colors - couple whites, couple blacks, couple browns. One pink oooh - living the wild side. I have several sweaters of varying styles but all very conservative, very boring. Essentially I'm saying that to make outfits that match out of this boring wardrobe wouldn't take a 2 year more than about 10 seconds.

So what do I need this super awesome app for? I have no idea. I spent $2.99 because I like the idea. How dumb is that?

2 backward glances:

steph said...

it's hilarious and i love that you have it!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

You are such an organizing Freak! Its just another way you can control and organize your life :)
What about the jewelry? I've been to 3 Premier Jewelry Parties lately and bought um nothing... but everytime I think how uncool my jewelry is (and my clothes).